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Lazy way to easily install Ubuntu 11.04 on netbook

A friend gave me his Samsung N148 Plus netbook… to install an OS.

As usual, didn’t have much time to spare so simply went to the Ubuntu website to get a netboot image. After downloading the image, I plugged in a usb drive in my laptop(LTS 8.04 and pretty happy with it..) and ran the following command:

*$sudo zcat boot.img.gz > /dev/sdb1        – dangerous, unless you know what you’re doing.

Enabled “bootable flag” using fdisk.
Unplugged the pen drive from the laptop and plugged it into the new netbook.
Bios was configured and I waited for the machine to boot up but it didn’t work.

From here the actual operation “being lazy” begins:
1. Downloaded “vmlinuz” and “initrd” from ubuntu archive link.
2. Formatted the pen drive with ext2.
3. Copied /boot/grub from my laptop to the pen along with the two downloaded files.
4. Used grub along with the following to setup grub on the pen drive:

$grub –no-floppy

5. Unmounted and unplugged the usb from laptop and plugged it into the netbook. Booted up the netbook after plugging in the usb disk.
6. Grub menu showed up and after making a couple of small changes to the grub configuration, the installation process started.


Yafc – Yet Another FTP Client

I’ve been using ftp, ncftp, lftp, sftp, rsync, scp for copying syncing files/directories but this cute tool – YAFC is a pretty neat replacement for any interactive shell based sftp/ftp client that I’ve used this far.

Simply use the following syntax to connect:
$yafc sftp://user@domainname

To download files, use:
$yafc user@domainname:/local/share> get -r -R archive/

Rest you can checkout the official documentation at