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Seems Yahoo is giving up.. :(

Not sure if Yahoo would call this a strategy.. but they certainly seem to be losing it ahead against whom – the Big Search Engine Giant Google and I just got a taste of their desperation. For the past few days, I noticed that no emails were being fetched by my mail client(thunderbird) from the Yahoo mailbox, which generally receives 5-10 spam messages on average(I still use it as it’s quite an old one and there are people who still prefer sending me emails at that address only). Well, I tried to check more on the issue and found this:;_ylt=AkKHaykCJFX2h03sFfqAaYzJ3HdG

—Excerpt from the above url–
The ability to access Yahoo! Mail via a POP3 email client (such as Outlook or Outlook Express) is only available to customers of our premium Yahoo! Mail Plus service.
If you have not purchased the Yahoo! Mail Plus service, you will be unable to retrieve messages via an email client. To determine whether or not you have purchased this service, please visit the My Services page.

Now that’s actually difficult for me to understand as they have been doing a fine job as a free email provider and I assume that they must be having a number of Premium users as well but this new tactic of forcing the users who use various mail clients(mobile phones will be affected too..) is such an act of desperation which might eventually force users to completely stop using the service.

As for those who are affected, please try using the forwarding option(of course everybody knows it but if not, just search for the phrase in Yahoo Help pages) and although I know it won’t work but I would still try to see if I can fetch my Yahoo emails from within Gmail.