Almonds as Power Packets & Recipe of Almond Milk

pm_almonds2111I remember those childhood days when Dad used to give me 5 blanched almonds daily as the first thing to eat in morning. Sometimes I used to say, I don’t want it and he always smiled and responded calmly, It’s the best thing to have. It’s eye shaped nut and It will keep your eyes strong to study more and it will keep your bones healthy to play more. As a child it was a daily routine for me to have almonds empty stomach but now as a grown up I can well understand the value of this routine that my dad followed to make me eat almonds daily, more than my routine of eating them. Today I wish to thank him. Thank you dad!

Childhood days are left far behind. Now there is no one to run behind for overall take and care of our health. Specially in the time we all are surviving , it becomes more important to take care of our health in order to face this competitive era. Exercise, good nutrition, healthy food are some of the essential facts which can keep us healthy and strong. All the foods we consume have their own nutritional value. Here I am talking about nuts. Eating nuts as part of diet is a sure shot way towards a better health. Nuts are nature’s way of showing us that good things come in small packages. The eye shaped bite size almonds are powerhouses packed with heart-healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals.
Everybody would agree that almonds are tasty and nutritious. They hold a strong position in most of the cuisines. They are widely used in dishes, salads, desserts and drinks too. They serve as a great snack also. Other than these qualities they are easy to store, easy to pack and carry.
It has been proven that regular intake of almonds reduces the risk of heart attacks. It helps down to lower blood cholesterol levels and protects artery walls from damage. The phosphorus content in almonds help to build strong bones and teeth. They nourish our nervous system and work excellent for brain. Almonds provides healthy fats and aid in weight loss. There are numerous benefits of including almonds in our daily diet. so why to wait? Include them in your diet and take a step towards a healthy you!

How to make almond milk at home

I usually make almond milk at home. Its easy and can be used in cooking also to give that rich, pliable and soft texture to dishes like Butter chicken and mushroom curry. It’s very easy, just follow the following steps;

1. Boil water and turn the gas off when it starts boiling.
2. wash almonds and add to the boiled water. cover the pan with a lid and wait for 30 minutes. This process is called the blanching of almonds. Overnight soaking of almonds will also give the same results.
3. After 30 minutes, drain the water. Don’t throw drained water away. It can be used to water the plants. Peel all the almonds.
4. In a blender add three cups of water along with the almonds. Blend till smooth paste formed.
5. Strain the milk using a juice strainer of tea strainer or a muslin cloth.
6. Milk will filter down and the almond pulp will remain on the strainer. Squeeze out remaining milk by pressing the pulp with a spoon.
7. It is advisable to blend the left pulp with one cup of water again and strain as before or add a cup of more water to already strained milk. Blend it again and then strain.
8. Press with the spoon again to squeeze all the milk from the pulp.

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