Health and food

To remain fit, fine and fresh for each day of the year and each second of the day, like exercise, eating healthy food is also very important. Our physical workout maintains our body and our proper food choices makes that body look healthy and glowing. It further adds grace to our physical persona. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body is a common saying which is 100% true. Intake of proper food helps to maintain our emotional balance also. As per Ayurveda, food can be a nectar or a poison too. It serves both the qualities for the human body. If properly consumed, its nothing less than a medicinal nectar. But the way food is made to be consumed these days due to cut throat competitions, fast life, scarcity of time, eating anything at anytime is resulting in obesity, diabetes, cardiac disorders etc which are the greatest example of poisonous results of food.
All in all, adding life to our years and years to our life by maintaining a good healthy food habits totally depends on our own choices.
No change can be expected till the time we will keep on eating for our taste buds. But the day we start eating for our soul, many major positive changes would start occurring naturally which would eventually take us to the higher level of contentment and the fresh flow of energy would overtake all the melancholy and stress stored in our emotions.

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