There are certain things about which we cannot do or change anything as per our own choice but it when it comes to health , I believe that it is totally in our own control. Our well-being depends upon us only as nobody could do anything for us in this matter. Healthy life style and our food choices make us what we are and what we look. I was reading a topic on cancer as 4 February 2015 was World Cancer Day. I read about the stories of people who have faced this deadly disease, their pains, their psychological conditions, financial burdens and all that. I felt that why people ignore their health and their body as it the only thing that is ours. only ours! How can anybody neglect health? I understand that in this cut throat competition, stress level remains to high to earn money and maintain a life style but why health is not included in the so-called pattern of maintaining a lavish style? I heard it somewhere that first people ignore health for money and afterwards spend that money to maintain health.

We should take care of ourselves . It is our prime duty to listen to our body and be very careful of what we consume. The deadly disease like cancer, nerves shrug by its name only and the people who face it, how difficult would have been for them to pass through it. Now the question arises which is the best possible way to prevent a Disease like Cancer. Prevention is always better than cure. Believe it or not, but when the opposition in question is an adamant disease like cancer, everything you need to prevent or treat it is right inside Indian Kitchen. We are blessed with such herbs and spices that can avert the multiplying of malignant cells in the body that gradually mature into insurmountable cancer cells. Following are the spices which have Cancer-fighting properties.
Turmeric One of the most recognizable of all the Indian spices. Turmeric is an anti oxidant and it is not only great for fighting disease like cancer, it also aids in the prevention of diabetes, allergies and internal injuries. It’s not difficult to reap maximum benefits of this spice as it is easily available and using just a pinch of it daily helps solve the purpose. Usually it is mixed in warm milk or added in dishes to get a robust flavor and color.
Saffron Cancer progression is retarded with Crocetin, a carotenoid dicarboxylic acid present in saffron. This compound has the potential to reduce the size of cancerous tumors by 50%. It’s very expensive no doubt but its benefits can be enjoyed by ingesting only a few of its threads. It’s widely used in Indian traditional drinks and sweet dishes.
Fennel– Fennel contains Anthole that enables the spice to resist the invasive and adhesive qualities of cancer cells. Fennel does this by suppressing those activities that are regulated by enzymes and that encourage cancerous cells to multiply. This spice do contains a plethora of other antioxidants and phytonutrients as well.
Cumin– It is Popularly used as a digestive aid. People usually do not know that it is a powerful antioxidant too. These seeds contain thymoquinone which helps reduce the spread of the cells that can cause colon cancer. It can be used in various form in different dishes depending upon the flavor we want. It tastes excellent in roasted form.
Cinnamon– Just half teaspoon of cinnamon powder added to meals every day is enough to keep cancer risk away. It is a natural food preservative, a source of iron and calcium. It’s very useful in reducing tumor growth.
Parsley– Other than garnishing qualities, parsley is actually a potent cancer-preventer too. An oil found in parsley called Apigenine, has been proved to inhibit cancer growth by preventing the extension of blood vessels that supply fuel to a growing tumor.
Ginger- It can be called an excellent Immune system booster with generous amounts of both Vitamin A and Vitamin C. This makes it potential to keep cancer cells away.
Basil- Basil’s antioxidant, antimutagenic, antitumorigenic, antiviral, and antibacterial properties can help to cure cancer. The word Basil is derived from the Greek word “basileus”, which means “king”.
Garlic – Regular intake of garlic has been found to be associated with the reduced risk of certain cancers like cancers of the stomach, colon, esophagus, pancreas, and breast. Garlic Boosts Immune System. It has strong antiviral properties. In Russia, garlic was known as “Russian Penicillin” due to its abilities to effectively treat infections. It’s a strong anti fungal and anti viral which helps to keep diseases like cancer at bay.
There are many more spices and herbs which hold the qualities of preventing cancer. These above given spices and herbs are readily available in kitchen. We can take the benefit just by adding a little amount of them in our daily diet.

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