Sunshine and Mushrooms

Despite of plentiful sunshine, globally half of the population is becoming Vitamin D deficient. One of the major reasons is that many of us are spending most daylight hours indoors. Deficiency of Vitamin D causes problems like weaker bones, obesity, hypertension, diabetes etc. Mostly Vitamin D comes from sunlight but we can get it from food also. Though exact requirement cannot be met by food only. Its a combination of cosy sunlight with mouth-watering foods. Nobody can deny the ecstasy of sitting in sunlight in winters and enjoying fish barbecue! Oily fish such as salmon, eggs, fortified fat spreads and breakfast cereals are few examples of foods rich in vitamin D.
I was surprised to study about a trial which has combined sunlight and Mushrooms to enhance Vitamin D in Mushrooms. As per the study, one should eat more of mushrooms as they are a potent source of this multi-faceted nutrient. To boost Vitamin D, Mushrooms should be placed on a sunny windowsill 20 minutes before cooking. Doing this simple thing can raise the fungi’s level of Vitamin D. Amazing!!!! isn’t it?

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