Acer 4520 autopsy pics

I have been using Acer 4520 for the past three years but now it’s screen started going blank; something like contrast goes down to zero but if I tilt the screen at a certain angle, I was able to see the mouse pointer movement. Of course, I confirmed that the issue was not related to the OS or bios or cpu/gpu temperature. Last thought was to simply open it and here it goes:

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Unit 1. Data Communications

Topics covered under this:
Multiplexing, Signaling, Encoding & Decoding, Error Detection & Recovery, Flow Control, Sliding Window, Congestion Management.

  • Analog and Digital communication together play a very important role in Data Communication Systems although digital communications have more advantages over analog.
  • A very common example of both analog and digital communication working together: two system connected over a public line using modems and the link between these modems is modulated by an analog signal.